How To Identify And Plug The Leaks In Your Online Marketing Funnel

I understand how frustrating it can be for some people who feel like they are taking massive action and have everything in place, but for some reason just can’t get the cash flow coming in. I’ve been there before. I had my funnel in place, with free offers, capture pages, videos, ads, and all sorts of marketing, but things just weren’t moving for me. Why does this happen?

Many times marketers don’t address this problem the right way, partially because they can’t identify what the problem is! They think maybe it’s they stink on the phone, or they aren’t marketing right. Although these may be barriers to marketing success, I believe that the main problem is they have a “leak” in their funnel system. By a leak, I mean that people are cruising along their funnel system, but they have a “weak spot” clickfunnels coupon codes along the way that either doesn’t fit in or doesn’t properly motivate, so people drop out.

One of the main ways that you can fix this is to make sure everything is congruent. This means that when people click on your ads or links, they get EXACTLY what you promised them. Then, when they become a lead on your capture page, you give them EXACTLY what you promised.

If you promise a presentation about how to generate leads, but then you offer an eBook about how to close sales, people get confused and jump ship. Explain exactly what you offer, and don’t delay in giving it to them or even in explaining how they are going to get it.

Another “leak” in a marketing system appears on lead capture pages. You absolutely NEED to have a video of yourself on your capture page. I understand some people hate the camera and get nervous, so just keep making them until you’re good! Just get some video of you up there.

Then, post a new one once a week, and eventually you’ll get pretty good at making videos. Most people who look composed and calm on their videos weren’t that way when they started. If you have a video of somebody else on your page, your lead will have no idea who you are when you call, and they won’t be interested in working with you. Your video needs to build rapport and get your prospect to trust you.

It’s actually pretty easy to identify where the leak is in your funnel. If you don’t get visitors to your capture page, then your marketing is subpar. If you get visitors but don’t get leads, then you need to double check your video.

One piece of advice is to check other marketers’ capture pages. If you get leads but don’t get sign-ups, then you probably aren’t great on the phone. I’ve written other posts about how to talk on the phone with prospects, but the main point is that you have to build rapport, find out what they need, and use your product as a solution to what they need.

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